BTG Gaming

We are a new e-sports team that is trying to get into the competitive zone. Currently most members play games such as, Fortnite, COD, and some League. Our goal is to make it into the e-sports business and this is where we start. Currently we are recruiting and looking for talent. 

Overview of the players-



Newley signed to BTG a fantastic player overall with very strong builds and edits. Does not yet compete in any tournaments. Had a great audition to join and impressed all of the current members. The BTG community is glad to have him.



A classic TTV. He was signed on 5/31/19. Another Eu player who is fantastic overall. Did great in tryouts and impressed the other members. A solid player for BTG and the team is glad to have him.



New player to BTG. A fortnite player. Overall good skill and speed. Has not yet competed in any tournaments. Plays controller and on NA East like a lot of our members.



New to the BTG gaming org. Recently signed. Good EU player with 90 ping. Great overall player who does not post content. Loves chiller Grenades. Another fortnite player. ( he asked for this background) And because he is Eu he doesn't know anything about the U.S.A.



He is our first member besides our leader to be signed to our team. Overall very strong gameplay and content creator. One of the teams fortnite players, not yet competed in tournaments.



Overall A decent player with some amazing potential. Another Fortnite player. He has not yet competed in tournaments.